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projector enclosure java

35:1 display with CIH gives you that same thrill all over again.  I had assumed to the earlier five years that just zooming the projector was good enough (and it absolutely was

The enclosure is revealed from your major (higher-left picture), Along with the projector at the very best and the display in direction of the bottom.  The underside-left diagram is looking from your display in direction of the projector from the box.  The enclosure seriously is a reasonably very simple 4-sided box.  As demonstrated in the bottom-still left watch, the best is screwed to the edges, when the bottom is glued and held to the sides using splines (or biscuits Should you have a biscuit-joiner).

  It is important to acquire two equivalent prisms, considering the fact that the next prism needs to cancel the rainbow produced by the primary prism.  If you'll find distinctions within the prism angles, or Should the surfaces are certainly not flawlessly flat, then you're going to get much more "chromatic aberration" (which is able to look like blurring at the edges from the display screen). Original Tests

After the enclosure is constructed, then you might want to make a decision how to mount it before your projector.  In my circumstance, my projector is flush mounted Using the ceiling.  Considering the fact that I wanted to be able to remove the lens within the front from the projector, I built a "sled" which attaches on the ceiling by way of two drawer slides.

In case you are planning to Make your own personal Anamorphic Lens, I recommend that you simply obtain several prisms and then begin fiddling with them.  It truly is difficult to deliver specific development dimensions and angles due to the fact Every projector set up will be somewhat distinct.  The angle among The 2 prisms will rely upon the toss distance of one's projector, and the scale of your respective display.

  I tried to minimize screws and only rely on them wherever it had been required, Because the best has to be eliminated to ProEnc USA vary or cleanse the prisms.  But MDF would not keep screws quite properly, so biscuit joints and glue operate greatest.  The top view also reveals the tentative situation on the prisms (looking down over the prisms).  The circles symbolize the screws which were glued to the highest and bottom of the prisms. The inside of the enclosure is lined with black felt that may be glued for the MDF employing a spray adhesive (rubber cement also operates perfectly). 

The advantage to your safety enclosure is people nonetheless have use of the projector by itself for everyday use.

  With two prisms, you place a white beam in, and you receive a white beam out.  But by altering the angles from the prisms relative to each other, you'll be able to bend the outgoing beam of sunshine and primarily Enlarge it.  This is strictly how an Anamorphic Lens performs!

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..some have just made use of cardboard), You'll be able to drill a gap from the plexiglas, countersink it with the screw head, then put the screw between the prism as well as the plexiglas and epoxy your entire piece of plexiglas to the prism.

  The drawer stops avoid the sled from being moved far too much in a single path or one other.  You can actually Establish the sled better yet and will fully hide the drawer slides even if the lens is moved outside of the way in which.  I bought my upside-down directions messed up, which happens to be the one purpose the drawer slides clearly show.  But at the least it helps make the picture easier to be aware of.

Just set up the prisms in about the configuration revealed from the 2-prism diagram higher than.  While you modify the angle of the initial prism, you may be adjusting the proper-fringe of the picture around the monitor.  When you alter the angle of the 2nd prism, you're going to be modifying the remaining-edge of the display screen.

1% of the most crucial beam intensity.  However, in a very dark theater, even a 0.1% reflection is obvious within the monitor.  The majority of these reflections exit from the two ends of your prisms.  I just employed black electrical tape to mask the finishes. After Every single prism has a bolt plate glued to the very best and bottom, then it is time to make the enclosure by itself. 

Many people who need a Household Cinema Scope setup merely buy a business Anamorphic Lens, or purchase a superior-close projector that by now has this type of lens attached.  But these lenses generally Value above $a thousand.

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